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Scientific Theories And Present Knowledge of Science

Scientific theories made in the light of advanced human experiments, observations and measuring instruments are pointing out that the present knowledge of science is also flawed and the concepts and theories that are the backbone of the present form of science. The bones are just speculations and estimates – what is the truth? What factors and principles operate in the universe? Are the principles that the human mind considers principles or not? Is change in principles also a principle? Is reality a principle? Or keeps changing its shapes? Or as it is understood today that facts and principles vary in different degrees of measurement! Just as Newton’s laws do not apply at the quantum level or the emerging mind (Emergent Mind) seems to be irrelevant to the interactions at the neuron level – the physical laws in each layer within the mysterious layers of the universe But does the mystery force constantly change these laws? These questions are not easy to answer.

According to a report published in Scientific American on September 7, an Italian experiment has shown that a fundamental particle called a neutrino can travel faster than the speed of light. The basic concept of physics, “the speed of light is the same for all observers,” which is the basic premise of Einstein’s theory of relativity, has been proved wrong. Now, if the results of further experiments on this observation are confirmed, All equations in which the speed of light is taken as a constant will have to be mathematically modified or abandoned to create a new equation, but there is currently no idea of ​​how this is created. How will this work be done? For example, Einstein’s famous equation
What will happen to? E = MC²

Among the observations and experiments in the world of science that have opened the door to a series of surprises for modern scientists, the mystery of the speed of the neutrino particle has the most far-reaching results and the deepest crack in the foundations of science. That is why this discovery has clearly created two groups in general and physicists in particular – one group that is not at all ready to accept this and the other on the data and accuracy of the experiments. The one who is skeptical and the other one who is hesitant. In fact, this “bitter” scientific fact has caused a stir among physicists – this rapid observation period has only shown that man knows nothing and that what he thinks he knows is only temporary and limited knowledge. After a while, in the light of new experiences and observations, something else happens.

Is there a world other than the world of causes? The answer to this question is the shocking events that have been going on for the last fifty years and are not taking the name of stopping, yes I am giving! The concepts of the Effective Theory and the Emergent Mind, as well as the observations made at the quantum level, point in a striking way.

All that science has learned from research so far is that we know nothing – when science is declaring itself to be inferior, it is necessary to build up arguments based on it and draw great conclusions, such as The question of the existence of God, etc., to what extent it can be logical and rational, needs to be considered.
In this regard, we will consider three scientific observations in this article:
1- Genome (code of life)
2- Dark matter (dark matter)
3- The human brain

Let us first look at an example of how today’s scientists think about the universe and man.
The way of thinking of scientists
How do modern-day scientists think about the universe and man? This can be gauged from the following quote:
Stephen Hawking, one of today’s leading scientists, currently sitting in Newton’s chair, writes on page 2 of his famous book, A Brief History of Time:
Science is looking for a Muslim theory of the universe that would allow for the existence of such complex structures as the human race, which could research the universe after it was born and then ask about God. who is –
The general effort of science is to create a mathematical model.
She cannot answer the question, why should there be a universe that needs to be modeled? That is, why did the universe come into being?
Is the theory powerful enough to force itself to come into being? Or does it need a Creator?
And who made this Creator?
He goes on to write:

So far, the majority of scientists have been busy developing and perfecting scientific theories on the question of “why” rather than “why” – the philosopher has not been able to support scientific progress – the eighteenth. In the twentieth century, philosophers believed that all human knowledge, including science, was their field – and debated questions such as: Is there a beginning to the universe? Etc.

But in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with the exception of a few specialized experts, much more technical and mathematical for science, philosophers and any ordinary person.
(Matthew Metcalf) – The philosophers narrowed the scope of their investigation to such an extent that the famous philosopher of the present century (5th century) Wittgenstein said that the only field left for philosophy is now the analysis of languages. What a relief

From Aristotle to Kant the great traditions of Philosophy!
It is clear from Stephen Hawking’s statement that the human endeavor to understand the universe so far has only been to find the answer to what and how – and that the tools he has for it are mathematics – the highest level of mathematics. Due to the use of philosophy, the work of thinking about the universe is now over.

But for the scientific ideas and concepts that are being worked on in the present age, even the current advanced and advanced mathematics are proving to be insufficient and limited and the need is being felt that perhaps now man has to invent new modern mathematics. One has to be able to articulate and confirm the theories and observations that are in the minds of the scientists of the time – such as the hyperspace and the entanglement – there are no signs of this yet, because it It is not an easy task – as if the tools that scientists are using (mathematics) are not able to increase their knowledge due to their limitations!

We now turn to three very important topics that scientists are working hard on and whose observations tell us that we know nothing – the genome, dark matter, and the human brain.

Genome (Code of Life)

The genome is a set of instructions about life – it contains all the information needed to create and keep a living thing alive – you can imagine it being a huge set of books. The set consists of 3 sections and each section consists of several large volumes – each section represents a chromosome or a packet of genetic instructions, containing tens of millions of letters.
These ۹۷ ان seem useless, which is called “junk DNA”! Only ٪ ٪ “letters” make up sentences (ie genes) – these genes then make up the basic component of the living body, ie different types of proteins (proteins) – this protein is the basic component of our body that is muscle, meat and They make up everything from the muscles to the nervous and sensory systems – these phrases (genes) consist of words that are made up of only four letters (symbolically A, C, G, and T). These letters are actually the four molecules. Show what is called the base (ie base) – and the genome is formed on DNA – if we show all the volumes, sentences, phrases, words and letters of this book in the genome, then its paper, ink, glue DNA. Will show A – as if the text is written on genome DNA –

One of the strangest things about DNA is that it consists of two equal parts, each containing exactly the same instructions and information that makes it easier to replicate or correct errors – which is why the genome It resembles a double-spiral staircase – but the most amazing thing is that the genome is at the same time very small and very large – fifty thousand times smaller than the thickness of a human hair! But if its 2 billion letters were arranged in a straight line, it would be 3,000 kilometers long, and if I wanted to read it aloud, it would be read for a hundred years – all this information in the chromosome in the center of each cell. Stuffed, 3 times smaller than hair! In every single cell that makes up the human body, there are hundreds of trillions!

۱۹۶۷ Scientist Vera Rubin observed that the orbital speed of the stars in the Andromeda Galaxy was much higher than expected! Other scientists made the same observation in the nearby Triangle galaxy – they measured the orbital velocities of stars and calculated with the help of a formula that the mass of a galaxy within a certain measurement (twenty zero meters ahead of four) is 3 billion. Should be equal to the suns – while the galaxy’s luminosity calculation formula estimates that there are only seven billion suns in the same measurement circle! The difference between the two results is that the Triangle galaxy contains an invisible mass equal to 3 billion suns! This invisible mass is called dark matter.

Physicists have observed many more galaxies, and now most of them are convinced that each galaxy has an average of 3% black matter, ie invisible – although no one knows that dark matter. What it is made of, but scientists have some theories – most believe that black matter is made up of some kind of elementary particles that have not yet been discovered in the laboratory – in this regard. There are many experiments being done in the world today to discover these particles – but it is clear that when scientists do not know what black matter is, they do not know a very large part of the universe, its components. Don’t know the synthesis, as if you don’t know much about the universe !! More than !!
Source: (in class educational resource, perimeter institute waterloo, On.)
The human brain

If the theory of evolution is correct, then why and how did this ٪ اے useless DNA come into being-its function is still hidden from us گو as if we do not know the functions of DNA. -We only have ٪ ٪ knowledge!
Dark matter (dark matter):

Until a few days ago, it was said that man used only 3% or less of the capacity or breadth of his brain. If the theory of evolution were to be accepted, it would seem absurd. Yes, if the brain has evolved under environmental necessity, then why has a large part of it been “switched off” today?

Now the claim that 1 or less brains are usable is being rejected – and instead another thing is being said that the functions of 2 or more parts of the brain are still unknown. – But this second thing is not much different from the first thing – to know today’s modern thinking we quote the following quote:
Excerpt from “Scientific American” February 2:

The human brain is complex – performing millions of worldly tasks, composing melodies, issuing manifestos, and solving mathematical equations – all of these human emotions, behaviors. , Is the source and source of attitudes, experiences – a museum of memory and self-knowledge.
No wonder the brain is still a mystery.

Further controversy over this mystery is that man uses only 1 ٪ brain – if even an ordinary man could use the remaining ۹۰ , he too would become a symbol that could remember any number up to 5 decimal places. And maybe it has the power to move things without touching them.
Barry Gordon, a neurologist at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, says:
While this is a fascinating idea, the “۱۰ ٪ fiction” is so misleading that it makes one laugh – although no one in particular is to blame for starting this fable – but the idea is American psychologist and author William. Is linked to James, who argued in The Energy of Man that “we are able to use only a small part of our potential physical and mental potential -” as Einstein did. Attached is the one who, as it is understood, used it to explain his heavenly intelligence.

What is not yet understood is how clusters of neurons work together to create consciousness from different parts of the brain – no evidence has yet been found in the human brain (“sent” “). “Consciousness” is located in one place, which forces experts to believe that consciousness is actually a collective neural effort.

Another mystery that is hidden in the slits (wrinkles) of our outer brain is that out of all the brain cells, only 3 are neurons and the remaining 2 are glial cells that encapsulate and support the neurons. – The function of these glial cells is still largely unknown – so it is not that we use our brain ۱۰  but that we understand its function as just.

From these three observations, it follows that in this advanced scientific age, with the most sensitive measuring instruments and the most up-to-date information of the time, we have been able to understand these three most important basic things in less than 5%. Much of it is hidden from us – maybe in the future this proportion will be even lower and maybe then man will say that maybe we know less than 2 – ie the increase of knowledge has only told man that He has very little knowledge – so any scientist, psychologist or biologist would claim that in the light of current knowledge he can prove the existence of God or the “proof” that the universe came into being automatically. If he can convey it, what can be done about his lack of knowledge?

In this age of science and technology where the ideas and theories of scientists are very important, many scientific discoveries, theories and observations are being used as refutation of religion or revelation and as an argument against the theory of non-existence of God. Some deniers of God have gone so far as to suggest in their writings the methods that can be used to extract the name of God from everyday speech and idioms. Those who come out of the tongue unintentionally and have the name of God in them, such as “If God wills” or “May God have mercy on you” etc. etc. Want to get rid of the concept of God, Nawaz Ba Allah – a similar article was published in the Toronto Star a few years ago and passed through the eyes of Raqim Al-Huroof – the last two decades. Many books have come to light in which the concept of God has been described as an ancient and obsolete thought – an invention of the human mind and the concept of God as a historical change in society. Is the result of – for example
The book “Evolution of God” is also a book in the same series.

How credible are the scientific investigations, observations and discoveries that are made to conclude that this universe is atheistic?
All that science has learned from research so far is that we know nothing – when science is declaring itself to be inferior, it is necessary to build up arguments based on it and draw great conclusions, such as The question of the existence of God, etc., to what extent it can be logical and rational, needs to be considered.

The existence of the universe is a silent declaration. Contemplation of this in the “wise people”, inherent in human nature, brings the Lord to a conscious level. Without the Lord, questions about man and the universe would have made man restless. Through this contemplation, the end of the universe comes into the hands of Ulullabab (those who have common sense).
In Surah Al-Imran, 190-191, Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
Verily, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, are Signs for men of understanding.

Those who remember Allah while standing and sitting and lying down and ponder over the creation of the heavens and the earth. (And they say: O our Lord! Thou hast not made all this purposeless. From the torment of
The second of these two verses describes the two actions of “remembrance” and “thought” that wise people do all the time, namely remembrance and contemplation – all the time because apart from the conditions of the living human body mentioned. No human being has been seen in any other state nor does anyone know about it, ie standing, sitting and lying down, so all the time .

The scholars have defined dhikr and thought as follows:
Remembrance: That is, keeping Allah present in the heart
Thought: That is, recognizing the third thing by putting two things in front of it.

The human intellect works according to this definition of thought. The scholars of science have been working on the same way of thinking in every age. This is the basis of Minhaj of Science. This way of thinking is natural.
Knowledge is implicit in human nature – no logical argument is needed to prove the existence of God – but forgetfulness, negligence or the effects of the environment cast a veil over nature – contemplation of universal verses raises these veils and dreamy facts Awakens – this process is called remembrance.

As a result of meditation, everything in the universe seems purposeful.
The solution to the many problems of human life cannot be reached without remembrance and concern.


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