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Scientists Discover New Viruses In Human Abdomen

U.S.A. scientists have discovered about 50,000 new viruses found in the human abdomen after extensive genetic research that invade and sometimes kill germs (bacteria). ۔

It should be noted that new viruses in stomach that infect germs (bacteria) are also called “bacteriophage viruses” (bacteriophage viruses) or simply “phage” in scientific language.

The discovery was made over the past several years using genetic studies of viruses derived from human waste.
The study analyzed about 190,000 genomes of viruses and found more than 54,000 viruses, possibly belonging to the “phage” type.

Of these, 92%, or about 50,000 phage virus genomes, were completely new to scientists.

This discovery has further improved the global catalog of stomach viruses that can be used to find new treatments for various diseases and “phage viruses”.

The study also uncovered more than 459,000 proteins made by viruses. It will also help us diagnose and treat stomach ailments.

It should be noted that “bacteriophage viruses” are generally considered useful because they often help to eliminate harmful germs and diseases.

On this basis, the concept of “beneficial virus treatment”, ie “phage therapy” is also very old today.

The discovery of new types of phage viruses in the stomach is also expected to open a new chapter in the field of phage therapy.


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