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Single National Curriculum Login And Use

The government of Pakistan has launched the “Single Education for All” initiative. Through this program, students now have an equal opportunity to learn in Pakistan. Students can facilitate this opportunity in terms of curriculum like Single National Curriculum SNC, means of education and a common platform.

The Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED) is responsible for the professional development of both public and private teachers and educational managers in the school education department.

The federal and provincial governments have directed QAED to initiate training of teachers for all national schools for a national curriculum program. Some misunderstandings have been created against this program but the government of Pakistan considers it equal for all sectors of education.

This education system will eliminate all the advantages and disadvantages of the education system in Pakistan and under this system everyone can get equal opportunities. The Single National Curriculum SNC has also taken special care to ensure that it does not contain any data that could hurt the feelings of any of the minorities in Pakistan.

The Authority organized meetings regarding the Single National Curriculum Program and distributed all responsibilities among the departments. The link below will help you learn how to log in to the Single National Curriculum. Both options are given. You are either a public school teacher or a private one.

To Login in Single National Curriculum Click Here


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