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Smallest Pixel Sensor For Smartphone Cameras

Samsung has introduced a new image sensor for smartphone cameras, the smallest pixel sensor ever.

Named the ISO Cell JN1, the 50-megapixel sensor is a very small 1 / 2.76-inch format sensor.

smallest pixel sensor ever

Simply put, its pixel size is only 0.64 UM.

Considering the traditional idea about the camera, it can be understood that the image quality can be worse than small pixels, so why did Samsung do that?

According to the company, this small volume sensor can be used in ultra wide or telephoto camera modules and will provide the best results.

JN1, along with other high-resolution camera sensors, will be able to use multiple pixels for better light sensitivity using pixel bonding technology.

According to Samsung, the sensor will be able to capture 12.5 megapixel photos, with a 16% improvement in light sensitivity.

According to the company, this smallest camera sensor is being mass-produced, so it can be expected that it will soon be part of the phones.

Samsung has also released a video regarding the Samsung smallest  camera.

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