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Smart Toilet to Detect Intestinal And Stomach Diseases

American engineers and medical experts have developed a state-of-the-art, smart toilet that can detect stomach and intestinal diseases by analyzing user waste during defecation.

Invented at Duke University, North Carolina, this untouched toilet is also called a “smart toilet” because it is equipped with an automated system that uses artificial intelligence to take a picture of solid human waste and tell it instantly. The person using the toilet may have a stomach or intestinal disease.

In case of illness, it warns its user to contact a doctor and seek treatment.

The smart toilet system relies on an algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to display images of thousands of samples of solid human waste, enabling it to be disposed of at the “single glance” of stomach or intestinal disease. Trace

In initial experiments, the algorithm accurately identified stomach and intestinal diseases up to 86%, while the presence of blood in solid waste was also detected with 74% accuracy.

Although currently only in the form of a prototype, the inventors want to make the current “smart toilet” even more intelligent.

To do this, they are preparing the next prototype of the smart toilet to be able to detect stomach disease by testing the biochemicals in solid human waste.

This increase will not only improve the smart toilet but also increase its efficiency.

The invention was announced at a virtual conference on “Digestive Diseases Week 2021“. The conference lasted from May 21 to 23.


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