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Experts Converted Smartphone Camera Into Thermometer

Many experts believe that after the latest hardware changes in the smartphone, it can be used for useful purposes and now the news is that Korean experts have successfully experimented with converting a smartphone camera into a thermometer.

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology has developed a government-funded, efficient and low-cost thermal imaging sensor that works perfectly up to 100 degrees Celsius. The thermometer can also be added to the phone by attaching it to the smartphone camera.

Temperature sensing sensors are becoming more common in the context of the epidemic. They are commonly used in hospitals, banks and other institutions. In this context, many smartphone makers want to add the most accurate thermometer to their phones. This additional sensor can be mounted in the phone’s camera.

In response to this need, Professor Jun Wen-chui, an optoelectronics specialist at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, has developed an optical sensor that is free from other defects of the past, low cost and reliable. It can record temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius and does not require any additional cooling system. This small sensor can be easily attached to a smartphone camera.

Made of vanadium dioxide, this sensor absorbs infrared light and converts it into an electrical signal, which in turn reflects heat in numbers. It is so sensitive that it converts heat into an electrical signal three times more accurately than a normal sensor. Even if the temperature is 100 degrees Celsius, it shows its readings in just three milliseconds.

Due to its speed, it can also be used in automobiles.

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