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Social Media Is A Threat To Humanity: Global Experts

A group of scientists from different countries have warned in their joint research paper that if the change in the collective behavior and thinking of human beings on social media is not understood, this technology will destroy the whole of humanity and human civilization.

Published in the latest issue of the prestigious online research journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), the report’s 17 authors specialize in a variety of scientific topics covering a wide range of fields, including biology, psychology, neurology and the environment. Is from

Experts have called all their points “crisis discipline” as a whole, emphasizing that thanks to the Internet and social media, human interactions have not only greatly increased, but also their complexity in the past. It is many times more than human society.
“We fear that if the effects of technology on a wider human scale are not understood, we could face an unintentional and unforeseen catastrophe in the years to come,” the experts wrote.

Under crisis discipline, experts from different fields work together to solve a problem in a single field immediately, because that problem is affecting many fields at the same time.

The term (crisis knowledge) was coined in 2000 by biological conservation experts for the broad-based research collaboration needed to find urgent and effective solutions to complex environmental problems.

In this article, experts warn that today we are unable to understand the effects of technology on the collective behavior of human beings, which results in obstacles not only to democracy but also to scientific progress.

He cites the widespread spread of false and baseless news in the global epidemic of Covid 19, and the serious consequences of this spread as the latest example of this.

In addition, the impact of election rumors on social media is part of this larger and more complex issue.

In the future, we may face similar unintended, unpredictable and negative consequences of modern technology, including electoral fraud, as well as disease, violent extremism, drought, racism and war. Can be

It should be noted that in their article, these scientists have not only called social media completely wrong, but have also appreciated the role of social media on various occasions.

For example, those sections of the society who are in the minority or are not listened to in the society, today they can also inform a wide circle of their problems through social media, such as the genocide of Muslims in Rohingya or the US Congress. Attack on the building by white racists, etc.


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