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Solar Storm Warning Issued In Coming Days

The sun has been raging since mid-January in the form of flames and coronal emission, and the sun has also emitted some solar flares towards the earth.

Both the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prevention and the British Met Office have issued mild to moderate geomagnetic storms for the next two days.

This does not mean that we should worry about anything, but rather that we have been hit by mild to moderate geomagnetic storms in the last two days.

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The magnitude of these storms was G1 and G2 measuring five levels.

This means that there may have been a decrease in high frequency radio signals, which may need to be corrected.

There may have been minor disruptions to the power grid fluctuations and the migration of animals.

Solar storms are a very common space weather, occurring when the sun becomes more active.

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As a result, coronal mass ejection and solar winds affect the Earth’s magnetic field and the upper atmosphere. Right now both things are happening.

Clearly, powerful solar storms can cause major problems.


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