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Sony Presents Electric Car and Unveils its SUV Concept in CES 2022

The Japanese electronics giant Sony announces the creation of a dedicated division called Sony Mobility Inc. and presented a new concept of the Vision-S 02 electric SUV.

Two years after the launch of the Vision-S concept car , Sony is confirming its ambitions in the field of electric cars. On the occasion of CES 2022 , the Japanese firm announced the creation of a new division, Sony Mobility Inc. , responsible for ” exploring entry into the EV market “, as well as a new concept of electric SUV. , the Vision-S 02. The latter builds on lessons learned from the Vision-S sedan, which Sony began testing on the open road last year. Its compact and slim recalls the style of the Tesla Model Y .

The Vision-S 02 is powered by two electric motors of 200 kilowatts each, or approximately 268 hp. Sony has not communicated on the capacity and the autonomy of the battery. The cabin can accommodate four to seven passengers thanks to a third row of removable seats. We find the panoramic screen of the dashboard seen in the Vision-S 01 while the rear passengers have two multimedia screens.

When presenting the Vision-S 01 at CES 2020, Sony indicated that it is working with Austrian automaker Magna-Steyr. Will he be involved in the new Sony Mobility division? In any case, all the pieces of the puzzle now seem in place for a Sony electric car to land in the nearer future than expected.


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