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Space Plane Might Land You Anywhere In World In one Hour

A space plane is just like a normal plane, except that the middle part is different.

The pilot flies the plane at a speed of 9,000 miles per hour or 12 times faster than the speed of sound by hitting rocket boosters at a certain altitude, the boundary of the Earth’s atmosphere and upper space.

The plane travels at this speed for 15 minutes and then floats in the earth’s atmosphere, slows itself down and lands at an airport.

And using the same technique, a company wants to get people on its planes anywhere on the ground in an hour.

Venice Aerospace Corporation wants to develop a hypersonic spacecraft that can transport people from one place to another in an hour.

The company was founded by two former employees of Virgin Orbit LLC, one of whom is Sarah Douglas and her husband Andrew.

The couple came up with the idea for the fastest trip when Sarah didn’t get a chance to attend her grandmother’s 95th birthday because the flight from Japan to Los Angeles is so long.

So he quit his job at Virgin in June 2020 and decided to build his own spacecraft.

The company now employs 15 people, most of whom are from the aerospace industry, while also receiving funding from various companies.

Andrew Dougalby acknowledged that such efforts are made by humans every few decades, but will succeed.

According to the couple, their space plane is different from the efforts of the past because it has a more efficient engine that will help it handle the extra load that can be used on wings, landing gear and jet engines to land and take off an aircraft Falls during

Jack Fisher, a former NASA astronaut, said after reviewing the company’s plan that the initial speed would push you back to the seat, but it would soon end because you would travel so fast that you would not feel anything. Will be.

But the plan may not materialize soon as the aircraft is still under construction and the company will test three scale models in the next few months.

The company thinks the project could take a decade to complete.

However, the trip will not be cheap, although the company says that these flights will be for the general public, but buying tickets will not be a matter for the general public.

According to experts, it has not yet been proven that the majority of human beings are ready to spend their wealth to reach any place in the world in an hour.

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