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Spectrum Is Not Available In Pakistan To Increase Internet Speed

Due to the lockdown last year, the school administration announced that classes would now be online to continue the children’s education.

After this announcement, gadgets i.e mobile phones, laptops and tablets were taken away from the adults and temporary classrooms were started in them.

Spectrum is an invisible radio frequency

Due to the poor performance of the Internet, children could not hear the teacher’s voice properly.

However, when people working in the mobile phone company were asked about this, it was revealed that the use of mobile and cloud based internet has increased in the country and there is no spectrum available to provide internet on mobile phones.

Spectrum is an invisible radio frequency that is assigned to each mobile phone company and on which mobile phone signals circulate.

It is noteworthy that new spectrum has not been provided to mobile phone companies in Pakistan since 2017.

The increasing pressure on the mobile phone spectrum in Pakistan can be gauged from the data transmitted over the spectrum.

Spectrum data, which was 1207 petabytes in 2018, has increased to 4498 betabytes in 2020.

Thus, the data transmitted over the spectrum has increased significantly by 272%.

This spectacular increase in data is causing traffic jams on the Spectrum Highway.

Due to lack of spectrum, Pakistan ranks 111 out of 140 countries in terms of internet speed on mobile phones.

Thanks to fab.gov.pk.

The government has recently released a draft policy stating that internet use has increased dramatically since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic. Mobile internet has been used the most during this time, so there is a need to improve the spectrum.

Lack of spectrum forces telecom companies to install more mobile phone towers – Reuters

In this article, we will try to review the current situation of spectrum available for mobile phones in Pakistan, the sale of new spectrum by the government and the policy objections from the mobile phone industry.

If the speed of internet in the country does not improve, freelancers working in the country will also face difficulties.

The government should set up a committee of experts, including industry and public representatives, from the regulatory authority, instead of a consultant’s report on the sale of spectrum, then the committee should specify the method of payment by auction. In which companies can also share the government in the revenue generated through the use of spectrum.

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