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Summer Vacations In Balochistan School and Colleges Extendd

Due to recent high monsoon rainfalls and ensuing flooding, Balochistan’s Education Department has declared that summer vacations will be extended for students attending schools and universities in the summer zone.

All academic institutions, both public and private, will resume on August 15th, according to the official statement.

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Due to the exceptionally hot weather in the province, Balochistan’s Education Department declared early summer breaks at public and private schools as well as institutions in the summer zone earlier this year in May.

According to the official notification, the summer break in academic institutions in the summer zone began on May 15 and ended on July 31.

On August 1, classes were supposed to start up again. The province’s schools and institutions will now resume on August 15 as a result of the flooding, nevertheless.

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In Balochistan, recent bouts of severe monsoon rain have caused devastation. Infrastructure worth billions of rupees has been wrecked in the province, and hundreds of lives have been lost.

According to official data from the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Balochistan, the recent floods claimed the lives of 23,000 animals and 136 persons. More than 13,000 homes have sustained damage. Over 640 kilometres of roads have been devastated, and 16 bridges have collapsed.


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