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Sundar STEM School Scholarship 2021

Sundar STEM School SSS has announced to award fully funded scholarships for students in grades 9 through A-level. Sundar Stem School Scholarships 2021 cover all tuition fees including tuition fees, hostel fees, mess, laundry etc … Sundar STEM School focuses on mathematics and science from year 9 to A levels CIE / GCE. Applications for the Sundar STEM School Scholarship can be submitted till December 12, 2021.

Students with good math skills can apply for the test. Students enrolled in Class 8 from across the country can apply. The entrance test is a specially designed math test. Students will be admitted on the basis of performance in the test purely on merit, as well as interviews of children and their parents, the best abilities as well as students who demonstrate the best abilities will be admitted to the school.

The Sundar Steam School Scholarship Provides:

Fully funded from Grade 9 to A Level

Mess Charges

Hostel Charges

Tuition Fees


Eligibility Criteria for Sundar STEM School Scholarship:

Boys from any part of Pakistan can apply for the 7th class examinations with at least 85% marks in Mathematics. Have participated in the class 7 examinations in April 2021.

Admissions are blind and once a student is selected, scholarships are awarded to students based on family income. It is important to emphasize here that the financial situation of the family does not affect the child’s choice of school or the quality of education of the child in school.

The Sundar STEM School has been set up with the primary objective of preparing students for which we hope to advance in world-class scientists, engineers, researchers and educators in the fields of mathematics and science. In addition to science subjects, a wide range of world literature is prepared for reading and experimentation to help students become sensitive human beings.

Mathematics education focuses on preparing students for selection and participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). As a result, the math curriculum is built around the IMO. Computer science is another topic of serious study in SSS and the school is in the process of developing a curriculum to actively engage students for participation in the International Olympiad (IOI) in informatics.

The school’s first semester will begin in April 2022 with math, Python programming, and a crash prep program in English. Formal classes for Year 9 (O Levels) are set to begin on September 1, 2022. Selection of students who meet the admission criteria established by SSS is in progress.


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