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SUSI Exchange Program 2021 USA For Undergraduates

Pakistani undergraduate students interested in the subject of comparative public policy making are invited to apply to study at the United States Institute of Student Leaders. The 06 week program will take place at the University of Massachusetts, if conducted in person, from late June to early August 2022.

SUSI’s Fully Funded Exchange Program will be in-depth, informative, and highly interactive. Program sponsors seek out enthusiastic candidates who are ready to develop their skills to become effective leaders in their schools and communities. Applications can be submitted by email until December 3, 2021. Both men and women can apply.

Eligibility criteria for the SUSI USA exchange program

Participants are expected to be highly motivated and must demonstrate leadership skills at various levels. Undergraduate first, second and third year students from colleges, universities and other institutions of higher education can apply for SUSI exchange programs. Undergraduate students enrolling in any field of study, including science, social sciences, humanities, education, business, and any other career field, can apply.

Interested candidates must:

Professionals interested in formulating public policies in English Age: 18-25 years Undergraduate students from 1 to 7 semesters. Candidates must be determined to return to their home universities upon completion of the program. Demonstrate strong leadership qualities and skills in your college and community activities.

How to apply for the SUSI exchange program in the USA

Fill out an application form and send it to on Friday, December 3, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Only requests submitted by email will be considered for review. Be especially careful when answering the questions in the article. When saving the file and submitting the application by email, please use the following format for the subject line: Applicant name, Institution name, City in which you are studying, for example, your name, NIST, Islam آباد۔ (This is important, don’t ignore it!)


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