Teachers Receive A Remarkable Tribute By Mondelez Pakistan

The CoVID-19 epidemic has made important demands on teachers. The online education initiative has created a new form of communication for teachers, increasing connection issues, the challenge of keeping students’ attention online, and interacting with parents.

Recognizing these challenges, Mondelez launched a nationwide campaign called “Tribute to Teachers” (translated “paying tribute to teachers”) as the world went into darkness. I found a way to make a living.

Praising TVC / DVC, Mendel developed an online platform called Cadbury Genocide that allows students to leave heartfelt messages on the Wall of Fame and personal requests from their teachers. Send Cadbury Dairy Milk Gift Box

Talha Hashim said, “Although we did our part to raise awareness of the role of teachers in helping parents and students transition to a new routine through online learning, we wanted to do this. Close the loop with soft words and compliments. ”Media and Consumer Experience Manager for Pakistan and Egypt at Mondelez  Pakistan Limited.

Using automated tools to generate robust reports, Google’s Display and Video 360 (DVD 360) provided numerous opportunities to improve the program in Brainchild.

To get the top student-related data sets, Brainchild’s team took advantage of a third-party database, the first for any ad or agency in Pakistan, to provide viewers with a longer student-related data set. To be provided. Do, which brings the most relevant audience. Using DV360 to purchase all programmatic displays, the Brainchild team was able to analyze, adjust, and modify the overall process.

Saadi Ghous, Associate Business Director, Brainchild, said: “We have match data from the Cadbury Generosity website, as well as third party data from our second largest match in Pakistan received.

The data was then sent to Oracle Bluekai for integration and then returned to DVD 360 and Facebook as media channels. The last step in directing your audience to the Cadbury site.

Taking advantage of the programming team at Brainchild, Mondelez, DV 360 and Oracle Black became the first Pakistani company to mobilize the purchasing power of the program management media of DV’s management platform.

Farhan Qureshi, Country Director, South Asian Frontier at Google, said: “It is gratifying to see that Mondelez Pakistan wants to combine one piece of data with another, which is relevant and effective in today’s world.”

He added: “As we move toward the first private advertising ecosystem, proprietary data, along with automation and machine learning, will play a key role in ensuring that advertisers deliver business results.” Pay attention to privacy when toasting.

As data reduction becomes a reality, advertisers and agencies need to make data solutions and target tools the masters of customer data sets, including 2-part data platforms and data management platforms. .