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Tech companies Have Infiltrated Our Lives

Smartphones have become an important tool for all of us and through these big tech companies have infiltrated our lives, have they become a means of keeping a watch on us. This is being proved in the recent disclosures of the exploits of these companies in America.

Data of journalists publishing Donald Trump’s news was also called from Google.

In 2018, Apple provided data related to 109 email addresses, phone numbers, on the orders of the Justice Administration of former President Donald Trump, now it has come to the fore that two MPs are also among these people.

Of these, Adam Schiff has become the head of the committee of Parliament today. The data administration had sought confidential information on suspicion of leaking. But it is feared that the administration was getting this done to know the news published against them.

Apple says that it has given this information as normal and it has been disclosed how the US has accepted the smartphone. Tech companies are caught between the law and their responsibility to protect consumer privacy.

Apple: Didn’t know what’s the use

According to Apple, in 2018 it received about 250 applications from US law agencies in relation to giving it personal data every week. Around 6000 such requests were received in the first 6 months of 2020. Of these, he challenged 238 in the court.

There was a court order on the data from 2018 that the user should not be warned. In which investigation the data will be used, it was also not told. Its consequences for Apple are unlikely.


The service is twice as secure as the data by paying the
Trump administration, in the name of investigation, also asked Google for data on the emails of New York Times journalists. Google being the corporate email provider of the Times, it was required to inform the newspaper.

Similarly, in the first 6 months of 2020 from Google, the US government asked for the data of normal users 40,000 times. Out of which, in 83 percent, he definitely gave some information. On the other hand, people who pay Google to take its services. Google told something to the government on only 39 percent of the data sought about them.

Microsoft: handed over MP’s data

Microsoft said that in 2017 it too had received a similar order from the administration. In this, information about the personal email account of some users was asked. After the expiry of the period of the order, he informed the concerned users about this, then it came to know that he too had handed over the data of an MP. Now the company has said that it wants to improve the information being sought by the government and the confidentiality being maintained for it.

Facebook: Data of 1.25 million users was sought

In the year 2015, the US government had asked for personal data related to 37,000 people from Facebook. According to Facebook itself last year, this figure has reached 2.23 lakh.

Personal data stress

According to Professor Ellen Jade Rosenstein at the University of Minnesota’s Law School, tech companies today have an insane amount of people’s personal data stored. On the other hand everyone has a smartphone.

The data generated from these will be sought from the person with whom it will be deposited. This has become the cause of tension. In the information given by Apple and Microsoft on law orders, the user was not told anything about this in advance. This is a worrying thing for users using smartphones and taking services of tech companies.



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