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Telegram Tips And Trick You Must Know

Telegram is a popular free instant messaging app that pays a lot of attention to safety. It is an open-source and cross-platform service. In this, users are given end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing and many other features. Apart from this, the facility of optional end-to-end encrypted secret chat is also available on this app. Telegram Tips And Tricks You Must Know.

The Telegram app has been downloaded more than 500 million times on the Google Play Store so far . Here we are telling you some such tips and tricks that will make the experience of using Telegram better.

Telegram Features: Features that no one has

Telegram Tips And Trick You Must Know

Silent Message: If you want to send a message to a user who is busy, then you can send message to him without disturbing him. You get this facility through silent messages. When sending your messages through silent messages, the messages will be sent without sound and vibration.

if the receiver has turned on do not disturb mode or not. To use this feature, you have to type your message and then tap on the send button. After that you can choose the option to send messages with send without sound and your message will be gone.

Edit sent messages: On Telegram, you can edit messages that you’ve already sent. For this, you have to select the sent message and tap on the edit (pen) icon at the top. After you’ve made the changes, the app will show you an atedit label. It is important to note that you can edit the message only after 48 hours of sending it.

Edit Video: You can also edit videos on the Telegram app. To use this feature, you have to open a chat and select the video of your choice, which you want to send. Now you have to tap on the tuning icon to open the video editor. Here you can edit a lot of elements including saturation, contrast, exposure.

Delete sender’s message: In Telegram, you can delete the message sent by you and apart from this you can also delete the messages that have been sent by other users. To use this special feature, you have to select the received message and tap on the delete button. Also you can also select delete for X and tap on delete. After that the message will be deleted from both the sides.

Message schedule: This instant messaging app allows its users to schedule messages. You can schedule a message just by pressing the send button. For this, you have to select the schedule message and select the time and date. Your message will be sent on time.

Quick GIF and YouTube Search: You can send a GIF or YouTube link without having to go through the Telegram app. For this you have to type @gif or @youtube and type your search query. You will reach the result on the chat screen itself.

Automatically delete media in normal chat: This instant messaging app lets you choose a specific time to delete the media yourself. Earlier this feature was limited to only a separate secret chat.

but after the recent update, you can manually delete media like photos and videos in normal chat too. For this, you have to select a photo or video and then tap on the timer button. After that you select the time, after which the media will be deleted automatically.


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