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TikTok Introduces An Application Center For Removal of Controversial Content

TikTok, a short video sharing application, has finally introduced an application center for the removal of controversial content for transparency and accountability, following repeated restrictions on content.

Due to its inappropriate and controversial content, TikTok has been criticized in many countries of the world, including Pakistan, including the United States and India.

Many countries have called TikTok a threat to national security, while many countries have called it a moral threat.

TikTok has also been a problem in Pakistan due to its controversial, inappropriate and nude content and has been banned several times in the last two years.

After being closed for a few months, TikTok was recently reopened in Pakistan on the condition that it would continue its crackdown on controversial and inappropriate content.

And now TikTok has set up a request center for the removal of controversial content, under which any person, institution, government, political party or group of people can apply to the platform for removal of content.

TikTok has further expanded its transparency center and introduced an online application center.

Any person, institution, government, party or individual can now apply for the removal of the group by pointing out inappropriate and controversial material and the administration is committed to ensuring prompt action on the requested application.

TuckTalk set up the Transparency Center in 2019 to improve transparency, under which reports are published every year. The reports also reveal new and surprising revelations.

To continue its transparency, TikTok has also included feedback forms for civil society organizations and experts, while reports are available in Urdu, English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. Will be published in 26 languages.

Anyone can request the removal of content by clicking on this link to remove controversial and inappropriate content from TikTok.


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