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TikTok Launches Safety Center In Urdu

The short video sharing app TikTok has launched a ‘Safety Center’ in Urdu in the country to ensure that videos shared through the platform do not violate government guidelines.

The decision came after complaints that user-generated videos were too explicit and out of courtesy.

The country’s telecom regulator, the Pakistan telecommunication Authority PTA, banned TikTok a few months ago after complaints that it had too much freedom to share pornographic videos on the platform.

The TikTok Safety Center is an online tool that provides users with tools and resources to edit and edit videos in accordance with government guidelines.

TikTok has always said that it provides a platform that encourages user creativity and brings exciting products to share with the wider community.

“It is important for the platform to provide a safe place where users can turn their ideas into reality and express themselves freely,” the statement said.

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