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Top 10 Best Android Apps of 2021 According to Google

Are you looking for new Android apps to install? Here is the Top 10 Android Apps of this year 2021 by Google.

If you’ve just got an Android device , Google has a really good selection of apps and other mobile games that you might be interested in. At the end of the year, Apple and Google reward the best apps and games in their respective stores. If you haven’t had the time to test new Android apps this year, this little list might help you find some nuggets. And if you want to consult the complete list, head to the page dedicated to this Best of 2021 according to Google.


The Libra meditation app is the big winner of 2021 on Android. Its specialty is to adapt the sessions according to your experience. When you start using the app, it asks you a few questions about your meditation habits and then adapts its sessions accordingly. You will be able to enjoy sessions according to your level of comfort with various techniques, for a truly personalized program.

Meditation is one of the most effective techniques for stress, anxiety, and even depression, and Libra makes the practice easy. Balance is a free app to download and offers a free trial period for a full year. To be tested absolutely!

Pokémon Unite

If you are looking for a nice competitive multiplayer game on your Android smartphone, Pokémon Unite is a very good option. Two teams of five players compete in an addicting multiplayer experience. Google named it the best Android game of 2021, another reason to give it a try.

And if Pokémon Unite will obviously appeal to Pokémon fans, the game will also appeal to others. You can have a good time even if you don’t know anything about the characters. However, the game suffers from some problems in the choice of opponents, sometimes making you face players who are too strong, and the servers sometimes have small problems.

Bird Alone

If highly edgy competitive multiplayer games aren’t your cup of tea, you might want to give Bird Alone a try . It’s a fascinating single-player game about the character’s friendship with a bird. This one has perfectly normal questions at first, but the discussion quickly drifts into existential topics, including death. The game doesn’t stay dark for long though, you’ll be doing funnier stuff, like writing poems together. The idea behind Bird Alone is to keep you coming back to your feathered companion every day to make sure they don’t just feel alone.


Moonbeam is a great podcast app. In recent years, the trend has clearly been towards short-lived content, as offered on TikTok or Instagram Reels. Longer podcasts can suffer from just this length. Some of the best podcasts available today are well over 40 minutes per episode. This is where Moonbeam comes in.

The app selects the best moments from each podcast to help you quickly decide whether you want to listen to the whole episode or not. It can help podcasters build loyal communities much faster and users discover new podcasts.


If you want to learn digital marketing or product management, FWD is a good place to start. The application explains complex concepts in cards that are very easy to understand, making learning very easy. It also offers quizzes to check if you have understood these subjects correctly. FWD makes learning easy (and its very successful design deserves to be highlighted).


Speechify is a screen reader application that converts text to speech . If you have trouble reading the text on the screen, you can ask Speechify to do it for you. The app offers different voices and supports 20 languages. It is even possible to speed up the reading.

Perhaps the best feature of Speechify is its feature that allows you to scan text and read aloud to you. If you have a long article in a print magazine, for example, you can scan it with Speechify and let the app read it to you.

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

If you are looking for a platform game to kill time, My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge is a great choice. The game combines platforming elements with action to keep you going for hours. The challenge remains present for a long time, preventing the game from becoming repetitive or boring.

Sleep Cycle

While the majority of the apps featured here are Android apps or games, Google has made special mention of Android Wear apps. Sleep Cycle is among the best of them. It tracks your sleep, gently wakes you up with an alarm clock, and works even if you don’t have a smartwatch . If you have one, the watch will vibrate gently to wake you up, and if you don’t, the smartphone alarm clock takes over.


Google hasn’t forgotten apps designed for tablets either, although these devices aren’t as popular as smartphones. Concepts is one of those apps. With it, you can draw your ideas and create fully editable diagrams. You can easily select objects, duplicate them or move them when needed. The app is really powerful for your diagrams and other note taking and it works great with a touchscreen.


Canva is the app people use if they find Photoshop too complicated. With Canva, it becomes easy to make posters, logos and other banners. Plus, it offers plenty of free templates to get started with, with a plethora of text effects. Canva works well with smartphones, but even better with Android tablets.


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