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Transfer WhatsApp Chat History From Android To iOS

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging application with over 2 billion users, which is why the company is constantly working on new features.

But the Facebook-owned app still has one flaw, and that is that if Android users start using iOS or iPhone, they won’t be able to transfer their WhatsApp chats to it.

But now WhatsApp has finally announced a solution to this big problem of chat history.

On the occasion of Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event, WhatsApp introduced the option to transfer WhatsApp chat history between Android and iOS devices.

Initially this feature will be available to Android phones starting with phones running on Samsung’s Android 10 or newer operating system.

But gradually this tool will be available to all phones working on Android and iOS.

WhatsApp said that WhatsApp messages, including photos and voice memos, can be transferred from one operating system to another and the tool will be available to users in the coming weeks.

The company said the tool was difficult to implement because all messages are end-to-end encrypted and stored on the device.

WhatsApp, OS developers and phone makers needed additional work to transfer this data.

Simply put, this tool is the result of everyone’s joint efforts.

WhatsApp has been testing this tool for many months and now it has been finalized.

This tool will be very helpful for users as they will be able to use their original account with all the data on different devices and platforms.

This new feature will also be useful for multi-device support as this chat migration tool will allow users to connect multiple devices under one account.


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