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Twitter Allows iPhone Users To Share Tweets On Instagram

Twitter has solved a long-standing problem for its iPhone users, now Twitter users on the iPhone will be able to share tweets directly on Instagram stores. While for Android users this feature will be introduced soon.

The Twitter administration announced this in a tweet saying, “Please stop posting screenshots of tweets on Instagram stories now, because now iPhone users can share tweets live.”

IPhone Twitter users can share their tweets on Instagram with just one click by following the instructions.

1. Go to the tweet you want to share

2. Tap the share icon button

3. Tap on the Instagram Stories icon

Clicking on the Instagram Stories icon will take the user directly to the Instagram app’s Story Creating mode with a snapshot of Twitter. The user will then be given the option to add music, stickers, text and more to the tweet like other stories.

Once the story is posted, the tweet will appear in the user’s profile along with other stories, however, it will only act like a screenshot. And the shared tweet will look like a sticker that is movable and resized.

Currently the option to share tweets is limited to iPhone users only, but it is expected that this feature will soon be introduced for Android phone users as well.

While the option to share tweets on Instagram stories is limited to public tweets, which, like other Instagram stories, can be shared by a single individual, group or all of their followers, users will not be able to share protected tweets. ۔


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