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Twitter Bans Sharing of Photos or Videos Without Permission

The social networking site Twitter has banned users from sharing their photos or videos without their consent.

The company announced the ban in a tweet.

The company said that sharing photos or videos of ordinary people without their permission could lead to a breach of privacy and potentially harm.


The Twitter safety team detailed this in a blog post.

According to the statement, although everyone may be affected by sharing media files, it has a greater impact on women, social workers and members of minority communities.

The company said that if a user reports a photo or video that violates the policy, Twitter will remove the media files and take action under various options.

In these measures, the content of the users can be brought down in the reply and search results or the person will be asked to delete the tweet.

Twitter will also have the option to suspend users permanently for violating the policy.

There are also some exceptions to this policy, such as not covering the private media of public figures or sharing a photo, video or video in the public interest.

Simply put, if those media files are important, they will be maintained by Twitter on the platform.

The decision will be made by the company taking into account the presence of images in various elements such as TV or newspapers.

But the company has made it clear that if the purpose of sharing private photos or videos of public figures or others is to harass or silence them, the files will be deleted by Twitter.

Twitter has long banned users from using other people’s personal details, such as residential addresses, phone numbers, identity documents or financial details.

The policy regarding people’s private media files is now being implemented from November 30, with the aim of bringing safety policies in line with human rights standards.


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