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Twitter founder Jack Dorsey Splits From Company

Jack Dorsey, a founder of the microblogging website Twitter, has formally resigned from the company and is no longer part of the board of directors.

According to reports, Jack Dorsey announced his departure from the company at a May 25 meeting of the company’s board of directors.

Jack Dorsey had already resigned as chief executive officer (CEO) and had already announced his resignation from the board of directors.

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Twitter had already made it clear that Jack Dorsey would step down from the board of directors at the end of his term and that his term was expected to run until the end of 2022.

However, Jack Dorsey surprised everyone by announcing his sudden departure from the board of directors and he is no longer in any position on Twitter.

Twitter’s board of directors consists mostly of people who own shares in the company, and Jack Dorsey is thought to have played a key role in Elon Musk’s sale of the tour.

Jack Dorsey founded Twitter a decade and a half ago and is still considered its founder.

Twitter was launched on March 21, 2006, and Jack Dorsey made his first tweet on March 22, selling for 30 million in March 2021.

Twitter is currently used by more than 500 million people worldwide, with an annual revenue of over 65 65 billion.

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Twitter is mostly used by politicians, social leaders and human rights activists.

Most Twitter users are between the ages of 35 and 65, with an estimated 35% of women having accounts on Twitter and 65% of men having accounts.

Twitter recently confirmed that a sale agreement had been reached with Elon Musk, who had offered to buy Twitter for 44 44 billion.


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