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UAF Introduces Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning

The University of Agriculture Faisalabad UAF has been announced to be shifted to Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning soon, which will ensure transparency and speed in service delivery as well as record online based on date and time stamps.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Agriculture Faisalabad UAF, Prof. Dr. Akbar Ahmad Khan, said that a few years ago, under his leadership, a project of Rs 1300 Million. All the benefits of ERP could be reaped but it was not given due attention later due to which the delay in achieving the targets caused irreparable loss.

He said that he intends to set up an archive center in the UAF to compile old records of students and administrative and teaching staff, after which the piles of files in the offices would be shifted to the archives section to provide working and learning environment in the offices.

He urged the young employees to increase their knowledge on all issues related to e-governance so that they can adapt to the latest trends and become important and responsible members of the organization.

He also vowed that soon vacancies of teaching and administrative staff would be advertised in the university after which recruitment of talented people on merit would be ensured. He said that there was a general consensus in the campus community.

That all their matters are dealt with delay in the admin block, so they would like the offices of the Registrar, Treasurer and Examiner of Examinations to change this opinion by making extraordinary improvements in their performance and point out the factors and individuals causing delays and obstructions. So that the necessary steps can be taken regarding Cloud Enterprise.


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