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Oppo Decides To Launch A Unique Camera Smartphone

Oppo has decided to introduce a unique smartphone that will have the ability to automatically retract the camera.

Oppo has released a short video on its official Twitter account showing a new style of camera for smartphones.

According to the company, most pop-ups are annoying, but not our self-developed retractable camera.

The video indicates that the mechanism is waterproof and the camera lens automatically goes in when the phone falls down.

This camera design is different from the pop-up selfie cameras that are hidden inside the phone and affect the quality of the images.

No claims have been made by Oppo for this unique camera system and it doesn’t even look like a zoom lens but it could potentially help improve telephoto performance.

The markings on the camera module indicate that it is equipped with a 1 / 1.56-inch sensor, while the lens is 50mm with an aperture of f2.4, which means that the camera is 2 times larger than the main camera of the phone.

It is basically a sensor much larger than a telephoto lens and possibly for a large volume tracing mechanism.

Oppo has released a video of the camera system ahead of the company’s annual Eno Day event.

The event will feature a number of concepts and technologies from the Chinese company, one of which will be a retractable camera, which will be explained in more detail.

At the 2020 event, Oppo unveiled concept models of a rollable phone and AR glass.

This year the event will run until December 14 and 15.


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