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Update Mozilla Firefox Browser For Privacy Protection

If you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser and haven’t updated it in a while, then you must.

In fact, Mozilla itself has urged users to download the latest version of the Firefox browser.

This new version features new privacy features for mobile browsers, as well as emergency updates that address some of the two most important security vulnerabilities.

On March 5, Mozilla reported in a security advisory 2 Zero Day security vulnerabilities in the browser that hackers could use for a variety of security issues with the device.

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If these vulnerabilities are not overcome, hackers can gain control of the device or program.

The company said it had received reports of attacks using these flaws.

That’s why Mozilla released Firefox 91.7 ESR and Firefox 98.0 versions for download.

Mozilla has also released Firefox browser with HTTPS only feature for Android.

This feature works like browser extensions like HTTPS Everyware and ensures privacy on specific websites.

To update Firefox on the desktop, open the browser and open the Firefox menu and click on About Firefox.

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A popup window will then open and Firefox will automatically check for new updates. If this option is already enabled in the settings, the new Firefox update will be downloaded automatically.

When the download is complete, click Restart and that’s it.

To update it on mobile, go to the app store of the device, search for Firefox and download the update.

Download Latest Fastest Version of Mozilla Firefox Here


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