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US and Pakistan Launches a Plan To improve Higher Education

The United States Government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is partnering with the Government of Pakistan on a 19 million five-year plan called Higher Education System Strengthening Activity HESSA aimed at improving the higher education system in Pakistan and increasing the chances of young people graduating from universities to find employment.

The launch of the project on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Pakistan is another example of the wide range of cooperation between the two countries.

Under this program, five public universities, including five women’s universities in Pakistan, will be integrated to benefit from successful experiences in teaching, research, governance and sustainability.

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The universities involved in the project will provide research opportunities, training of soft skills and counseling support to the students for job acquisition. Will be given

On the occasion, USAID Pakistan Mission Director Julie Quinn said that USAID is proud to work with the Higher Education Commission on this project.

Under the Higher Education System Strengthening Activity (HESSA), strong universities will be set up in Pakistan that will equip students with the education and research experience needed to better employ students in local markets. Will prepare you for the skills needed to find a job and become employed.

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In addition, the increase in recruitment and production will benefit the industrial sector and further increase economic growth.

HEC Chairman Dr. Tariq Baneri said on the occasion that the HESSA program is an innovative endeavor in which the participating universities will be provided valuable assistance to improve their institutional and technical capacity and for the future.

A consignment of high-quality experts will also be prepared for this. He expressed the belief that the collaboration of American universities with higher education institutions participating in the HESSA would be a precursor to policy-level reforms and that all Pakistani universities would benefit from this effort.


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