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US Chip Maker NVIDIA Faces A Cyber Attack

Nvidia, a well-known American chip maker and graphics unit maker, has revealed that company and employee information was leaked after the cyber attack.

The company said in a statement today that hackers had leaked employee information and some of the company’s personal information online.

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A spokesman for the California-based company said: “We have not yet received any evidence that the ransomware has been linked to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to a report in the local newspaper The Santa Clara, the company was hacked by hackers on January 23, and after an analysis by the company, it was stated that no such information was stolen in the attack. Which had an effect on the company’s business.

The report states that a ransomware group, Lapsus $, claimed responsibility for the leaked information and threatened to leak the company’s driver, firmware, graphic chips and other information.

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Remember that Nvidia is counted among the most reliable chip makers in the world, including the United States.

Nvidia’s reputation is due to its graphic processing units (GPUs) that make computer graphics and video gaming perform better.


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