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Vikings Arrived in US 500 Years Ago Before Columbus: Research

A new study claims that 1021 AD is the oldest date on which the presence of a European in the American region can be scientifically proven.

The expedition led by Christopher Columbus has been credited with discovering the United States in 1492.

But according to historians, Nordic adventurers arrived in the United States 500 years before Columbus.

The Icelandic expedition Leif Eriksen, the second of Eric the Reed’s three sons, is believed to be the first to reach North America.

A study by a team of international researchers claims that the exact date is 1021 AD.

The researchers said in a new study published in the journal Nature that the Vikings’ Lance Ox Meadows, located in Newfoundland, Canada, was linked to Ericsson. Its deforestation actually dates back to 1021 AD.

The study said that when three types of wood from these forest trees were examined, it was found that the fabric of all three was similar to that of the Vikings.

There is ‘clear evidence’ that every piece of wood was cut with a metal blade that the locals were unable to make.

The exact year of this event was determined by the fact that a huge solar storm came in 992 AD, due to which a special radiocarbon signal was found in the colors of the trees the following year.

During the years 992 and 993, there has been a significant increase in the production of radiocarbon in the Tricolor archives around the world,” said Michael D., associate professor of research at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

He said that in the wood of the three trees, this signal can be seen on 29 growth rings before the edge of the bark.

We concluded from a solar storm signal found inside 29 growth rings in the bark of a tree,” said Dr. Margit Quetmiz of the University of Groningen, who conducted the harvest in 1021 AD.

Researchers say that the duration of the Vikings’ expeditions and residences in the US region is not yet known.

From all this material, it became clear that the whole campaign was of a ‘short duration’ and that the environmental and cultural legacy of the first European campaign in the United States was very short.

Botanical evidence from LNX Meadows shows that the Vikings also made progress south of Newfoundland.

According to Dr. Quitz, “1021 AD is the first year in which the European presence in the United States can be scientifically proven.”

The ancient history of the Vikings’ presence in the American region has always been derived from Icelandic folklore. These stories began orally and were written centuries after their occurrence.

Although often contradictory and imaginative, these stories refer to encounters between Europeans and locals, sometimes violent and sometimes friendly.”

But no specific archaeological evidence has been found to confirm these events.

He added that “according to other medieval traditions, it was also concluded that important European mainland figures were told that the Vikings had reached across the Atlantic.”



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