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Vivo Is Ready To Launch S Series Phone On July 15

Vivo introduced the S9 series phones a few months ago, in March 2021.

Now, 4 months later, the company is ready to launch the new Vivo S series phone on July 15.

The company has announced that the S10 series phones will be introduced on July 15.

The company did not say how many phones will be in the series, but most likely it will include the S10 and S10 Pro.

Pictures of the Vivo S10 Pro were also released by the company on the Chinese social media site Weibo, indicating that it will have 3 cameras on the back.

The main camera of the phone will be 108 megapixels.

The phone has a flat display on the front and a picture on Vivo’s Chinese website shows that the S10 Pro will have 2 selfie cameras in the front notch.

Vivo did not say more about the Vivo S10 series.

However, in the previous leaks, it was revealed that the standard model of S10 will have MediaTek’s Dementia 1100 processor.

The main camera of the phone is 108 megapixels while 44 watts fast charging support, UFS 3.1 storage, 2 options of NFC and RAM 8 GB (plus 3 GB virtual) and 12 GB (plus 4 GB virtual) ) shall be.


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