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5 Ways To Avoid Cyber Attack And Internet Fraud

With the passage of time, our dependence on the Internet is increasing. While the Internet has many advantages, the list of disadvantages caused by it is also not small. Cyber ​​attack is a bitter reality of today’s era. Internet fraud has become a common thing. If you also want to avoid internet fraud and want that your personal information, such as name, mobile number, bank details, social media account etc., do not fall in the hands of any unknown person, then you should also take special care of these things. . These are some some such important points which you can avoid cyber attacks. 

Follow these tips

• Use only your mobile or computer when using mobile and internet banking. 
• In any online form, fill your personal information carefully and with utmost care. 
• Open your social media accounts and various personal profiles only on your own devices and don’t forget to log out after the session. 
• Do not click on suspicious and unrealistic links sent through SMS, email and social media. 

What else can you do?

Apart from these, if we take care of some things, then we can stay safe from cyber theft. Keeping two-factor authentication on for all your accounts is an important step towards cyber security. Also, we have to keep in mind that our passwords should be unique, not generic. This is necessary so that no unknown person can easily detect it.

Before clicking on any website, it should be checked whether that website is starting with “https” or not. In this way also online fraud can be avoided. Also, we should regularly monitor our social media accounts, banking and credit card statements and email IDs and immediately notify the police if anything goes wrong.


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