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What Will Happen To Your Facebook Account After You Die

Today Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms across the world. It is spread not only in the country but in every corner of the world. Many of us are present on the social media platform Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social sites.

Many of whom show activity on these social sites, but if they die due to some reason, then what will happen to those social accounts? If you are also looking for answers to some similar questions, then here you are going to get answers to these questions.

When the person running the Facebook account dies, what happens to the Facebook account after their death, does that Facebook account continue or is it closed? If you are also looking for answers to some similar questions, then we are going to tell you here what happens to these accounts?

Actually, for this, Facebook has made some rules for the dead people, about which the company has given information on its help center, according to which the person can appoint a legacy contact to take care of his account after death or his account. You can delete it completely from Facebook.

Memorialized account

If a person has not chosen to permanently delete his/her account and Facebook learns of his/her death, the Company will convert that account to a Memorialized account. Now you must be thinking that what is this memorialized? So this account is such a place for family and friends, where people can share the memories of the person who died. Let’s know more about it.

    • If you want to identify such an account, then for this you can see ‘Remembering’ written next to the name of its profile.
    • Depending on the private settings of these accounts, friends can share memories on a memorialized timeline.
    • Content shared on this account such as photos, posts, etc. will remain on Facebook and will be visible to the people with whom it has been shared.
    • These types of accounts do not appear in any reminders
    • Apart from this, no person can login to this type of account.
    • People whose account has been memorialized and they were the only admin of their page will be removed from Facebook after receiving the memorialization request.

What is Legacy Contacts

This type of contact is directly linked to the memorized account, you can choose to maintain the memorized account. To make such a selection, Facebook suggests all users to set up a Legacy Contact, so that after someone’s death, their account can be taken care of. Let us know what can be done through this account?

    • For someone who has died, the Legacy Contact can write a post for his profile.
    • Can change profile photo or cover photo of death holder.
    • Death can place a request to delete the account of the holder.
    • If you have this feature turned on, Legacy Contact can download a copy of what you have shared on Facebook.
    • Apart from this, there are also some things that a Legacy Contact can never do and that is logging into the account of the death holder, as well as reading messages, removing friends or sending friend requests to anyone. .

If you want your Facebook account to be deleted after your death, then for this also an option is given in Facebook, with the help of which your account is deleted through Facebook. After Facebook receives information about your death, all your photos, messages, posts, comments, reactions and other information are immediately removed from Facebook, but for this it is necessary that the news of your death reaches Facebook. For this, you follow this feature issued by Facebook.

    • For this, first of all, click on the account given on the top right corner of Facebook.
    • After this select Settings & privacy and go to Settings.
    • After doing this click on Memorialization settings.
    • Scroll down and then click on Request that your account be deleted after you pass away and then click on Delete after death.

After doing this, your account will be deleted from Facebook after your death, for more information about this click here.


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