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What Will Humans Do To Prevent A Planet From Colliding With Earth?

If an asteroid ever hits the earth, there is a danger of extinction of humanity and that is why the US space agency NASA has prepared a plan to avoid it.

In fact, NASA’s plan is very similar to that of the 1999 Hollywood movie Armageddon.

If you have seen that movie, you will remember that in it a team of drillers was sent to a dangerous planet to be excavated and then it was shattered by detonating an atomic bomb.

But NASA plans to hit the spacecraft directly with a spacecraft instead of blocking it with an atomic bomb.

For this purpose, NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirect Test (DART) mission is leaving for the first test mission at 1:20 pm US time on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The US space agency said the mission would help determine how effective a deliberate collision of a spacecraft with a planet could be in changing its orbit.

In the test mission, Dart is targeting a planet that is not a threat to Earth.

Planet From Colliding With Earth
Planet From Colliding With Earth

An outline of NASA’s Dart Spacecraft and Planet – Photo courtesy of NASA
The mission will depart from Wendenberg Space Force Base in California and will travel at a speed of 6.6 kilometers per second to reach the small planet Demorofos orbiting another large planet Dedimos.

At some point in September 2022, the mission will deliberately collide with the planet when it is 11 million kilometers away from the Earth, after which the orbits of the two planets will change slightly.

A statement from NASA stated that the Dedimos system is the best target for DART because it poses no real threat to Earth.

By the way, a planet larger than 140 meters in size is not a big risk of colliding with the Earth in the next 100 years, but this defense system is being worked on to deal with any unexpected danger.

It should be noted that most of the asteroids collide on Earth which are very small in size and do not cause any damage or they collide with uninhabited area.

NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer Lindley Johnson said the dart would be the first to demonstrate a technique in which a spacecraft would deliberately collide with a fast-moving planet and change its motion in space.


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