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WhatsApp Also Changed After Changing Company Name

Facebook recently changed the name of its parent company from ‘Facebook Inc.’ to ‘Meta Inc.’ and now the WhatsApp has also been changed in this regard.

Facebook’s proprietary WhatsApp used to be labeled ‘from Facebook’ when it was downloaded, but this has now been changed.

According to the website that provides information about WhatsApp, Web at Info, the new version of WhatsApp will now have ‘From Meta’ written instead of ‘From Facebook’.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg renamed the company ‘Meta’ on October 28 and now writes ‘From Meta’ instead of ‘From Facebook’ on updated versions of all apps and websites owned by the company. Started.

WhatsApp had added ‘from Facebook’ to its app a year ago, before that for many years it did not show the message of its parent company.

The meta text provided on the WhatsApp will now appear; screenshot
After WhatsApp, ‘From Meta’ will soon be seen on Instagram, Oculus and Facebook applications themselves.

The names of all the websites and applications owned by the company under the new name will remain the same and it will continue to function as it has done so far.

However, in the future, Meta intends to introduce apps, including new technologies and websites, which is why it has been renamed.

META’s most important future task is to create a virtual reality internet system called METAWARS, for which the company will also employ 10,000 people across Europe over the next five years.

Metavers is just an idea and it is taken from science fiction books and movies and the big internet technology companies around the world will invest billions of dollars to make it a reality.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

However, experts from all major Internet technology companies, including Facebook and Microsoft, said that Metavers would be a combined and improved version of 3D technology, including Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). It will take 15 years.

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