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WhatsApp Announces Major Changes to Business App

WhatsApp, Facebook’s proprietary messaging application, launched WhatsApp Business for Businesses and Organizations a few years ago. Which was very well received by the users.

Meta adds new features to the WhatsApp business from time to time. A few days ago, WhatsApp announced the introduction of ‘Corfutos’ and ‘Communities’ features to enhance your business profile.

In keeping with this tradition, WhatsApp today announced the launch of another useful feature for the Business app.

According to WhatsApp beta-info website, Meta Business is working on a tool called ‘Subscription Plan’ for the app.

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According to the report, under this new optional subscription plan, additional features will be introduced for business accounts.

It is currently in the development phase and no release date has been announced.

According to Wabbata Info, subscribers who subscribe to the plan will be given access to more business features, one of which is the feature multi-device login.

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Business accounts can usually be logged on four devices at the same time, but subscribers will be able to log in to 10 devices so that multiple people can be connected to the same business account at the same time.

WhatsApp currently reveals details of only one feature of the subscription plan, but an update on additional benefits will be released soon.


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