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WhatsApp Launches A Community Service Tool

The new “Communities” feature allows you to link multiple private discussion groups to the same structure as a school or association. And WhatsApp Community Service Tool allows managing everything more easily.

Easy to create, WhatsApp groups are not easy to manage, especially when they have many members.

To address this, Meta is now launching “communities” aimed at associations, non-profit organizations, companies, schools, or even religious gatherings.

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Take the example of a parent association. It will be possible to create a dedicated private group, then several subdivisions depending on the class or theme, such as tuition or health protocol.

Administrators will be responsible for overseeing which groups can be added with the ability to send messages to all members simultaneously.

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Reactions are appearing in the form of emojis, which will allow you to express yourself without sending a new message. The size of the files to be shared increases up to 2 GB and up to 32 participants will be allowed voice calls.

Finally, by the WhatsApp Community Service Tool moderators will be able to delete difficult messages, which were previously missing.


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