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WhatsApp Brings End to End Encrypted Chat Backup

By the way, WhatsApp has an end-to-end encryption feature for more than 2 billion users and no one can read their messages.

But user data on the WhatsApp that is uploaded to the online cloud service as a backup is not encrypted.

But now the end-to-end encrypted chat backup feature for iOS and Android apps has been introduced for the users.

This feature will be optional and will be available to users in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp’s online backup to the cloud (Google Drive on Android and iCloud on iOS) is intended to help users retrieve their data instantly if the phone is damaged or stolen, but it also means Now these messages, photos, videos and other cloud technologies are stored without any protection.

The end-to-end encrypted data backup feature has been tested for months and is now being rolled out.

According to a statement issued by WhatsApp, WhatsApp messages from users are stored as backup data in Go Cloud services, the company does not have access to these backups.

The statement said the backup data is stored in cloud storage services but now if a user chooses end-to-end encrypted backup, neither WhatsApp nor the backup service provider will be able to access it.

This means that it is not by default like end-to-end encrypted chat in WhatsApp, but users have to enable it themselves.

According to the company, with end-to-end encrypted backup, it has developed a new encryption key storage system that will work on both iOS and Android.

Under this encryption system, chat is backed up by encryption and users can save it manually or password protect it.

When a user chooses a password, it will be stored in a backup vault based on the Hardware Security Module (HSM).

When an account user needs access to a backup, they will be able to access it via an encryption key or access their encryption key from their wallet using their password.

According to the company, only WhatsApp will know that one is present in HSM but we will not have access to it either.

When a user accesses the backup and enters the password, after verifying the identity, the backup vault will send the encryption key back to the WhatsApp, which will be used to delete the chat backup. Can be used for

According to WhatsApp, if a user chooses a 64-digit key, they will have to enter those digits to access the backup.

As mentioned above, this feature will be optional and will be available to users in the coming weeks.

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