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WhatsApp Flash Call Feature Will Verify Account

WahtsApp Account will now be verified via WhatsApp Flash Call instead of sending and verifying via 6-digits verification code.

When your old phone breaks down or you buy a new smartphone and restore your WhatsApp account on it, the app sends a 6-digit code via SMS to confirm it.

However, the company is now introducing a new method of account verification called Flash Call.

According to WhatsApp update site WABetaInfo, Facebook’s proprietary app is testing this new feature in the Android beta version.

This feature will replace the SMS code with a phone call option that will confirm the account.

In simple words, WhatsApp will give you a short call and delete it, in fact the user will not even need to pick up the call.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

However, whenever it is introduced, it will be limited to Android users as apps are not allowed to read call history in the iOS operating system.

According to the report, although the app has access to WhatsApp flash call logs on iPhones or iPads to compare the last entry, it cannot use this data anywhere else.

Interestingly, Instagram is also testing a feature in which verification codes will be sent to WhatsApp instead of SMS.

This new feature in WhatsApp has been revealed at a time when a lot has happened in this messaging app in recent days.

The company confirmed for the first time that it is testing the feature of using one account simultaneously on multiple devices, under which the account can be used backwards on 4 devices.

WhatsApp also introduced a feature to increase the speed of voice message playback.

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