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WhatsApp Introduces More Privacy Features

WhatsApp, the world’s largest instant messaging application, has introduced new features that improve security and privacy.

WhatsApp has updated the profile picture, status, bio and last scene features to improve privacy and now users can customize them as well.

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According to the latest updates, users will now have the option to keep their profile open to everyone if they wish, or to keep it open for their contacts.

Under the said feature, users will now have the option to keep their photo, bio and last scene open only for some of their special friends or if they want to keep it closed for everyone.

Users can use this privacy option for profile picture as well as for status, about and last scene.

To update these features, the user will have to change the privacy by going to the accounts after going to their account settings.

WhatsApp has also recently introduced several new features and plans to introduce more new features soon.

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WhatsApp experts are currently working on at least half a dozen other features, which will be introduced before the end of this year.

Currently, WhatsApp experts are working on introducing various features not only for Android but also for desktop versions, in addition to enhancing the features of WhatsApp Business and Premium.


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