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WhatsApp Is Bringing Another New Feature For Its Users

Another change is coming for the users of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is going to introduce another feature for the convenience of the users for which the company has started testing a feature called ‘New Archive’.

This feature will allow users to stay away from unnecessary chats.

In the past, if an unnecessary chat was archived, it would not be completely out of sight because the person whose chat was archived would show his name at the top of the screen when he sent a message and the archived chat would end.

However, unnecessary chats archived now will not appear at the top of the screen even when a new message arrives.

This feature from WhatsApp is currently available to users of a very specific beta version, while those using the normal Android version will be able to use it after a while.

To use the new feature, first go to the app’s settings and select the chat option. There you will see the ‘Cape Chat Archive’ option which you will disable. After enabling, the chat will go to the bottom. , This way you will be able to take advantage of this feature.

Note that this feature will be available for WhatsApp beta version.


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