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WhatsApp Launches Dark Mode for Windows 10 and 11 Beta

The Windows desktop version of WhatsApp is now in a new beta with a long-awaited design change: the app now has a classic dark mode. This innovation will probably start soon for all users.

This is reported by the online magazine XDA Developers . The latest version of the WhatsApp Beta (build 2.2205.2.0) now gets a sleek dark mode for Windows. These include a dark theme for the settings page, dark mode for the title bar, dark background for each chat window, and more. The adjustments have been consistently implemented in the app.

The update is currently not listed as a new feature in the Microsoft Store . However, according to XDA Developers, it is already available for beta testers. Participants in the beta test can therefore simply activate the dark mode via the settings. You can choose between different options – light, dark or system standard. With the system default, the app adapts itself – this is also the preselected option. If you always want to use the dark or always the light theme instead, you can now select this in the settings.

WhatsApp beta program

The WhatsApp beta versions allow users to test experimental and future WhatsApp features. However, this does not always mean that the experimental functions are also transferred to the stable app versions. In the case of dark mode, however, one can assume that this innovation will soon be included in the stable version for the WhatsApp for Windows desktop app and the feature will be released for all users. The app received a major update a few weeks ago.

At that time, the parent company had started Meta Design changes . The app received new design elements based on WinUI 2.6+ to create a consistent look for Windows 11 users.


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