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WhatsApp Offers Interesting Features For All Three Platforms

WhatsApp, the smartphone messaging application, last week introduced two new features for iOS and Android.

However, WhatsApp has started this week with a new feature for desktop users.

The feature, called ‘Message Reactions’, will be introduced to desktop users by the end of this week, according to Webbata Info, a website that tracks changes to WhatsApp.

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Thanks to this feature, Android and iOS users will be able to respond to any message using the desktop version.

WhatsApp is also working on introducing a feature called ‘Call Link’ in the next update. This feature will allow users to quickly add voice calls.

According to the report, WhatsApp is also working on a new shortcut, through which users can quickly manage the privacy settings of status updates.

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Initially this feature will be released for Android users in the next update, but it is also planned to be released for WhatsApp Beta iOS.


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