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WhatsApp Redesigns the Call Interface

The WhatsApp app continues to launch new features to improve the user exeprience, as is the case with this new update for the call interface.

Some new features of WhatsApp include important new features , and others not so much, but this time we are heading towards a quite striking one so that the calling interface is renewed . And not only will it stay here, but we can customize it according to the contact we have a call with; yes, just like wallpapers for chats.

If we are already able to customize chats with a contact to put a wallpaper, the idea of ​​WhatsApp is that, apart from renewing the call interface, you can also give the wallpaper a special touch to quickly identify the call.

New WhatsApp interface The Free Android
New WhatsApp interface The Free Android

Via Android Police , and as a source to WABetaInfo, the new design is very clean and goes hand in hand with a leak from last year that already gave indications of what it would be like. The center is taken by a gray circle that holds your name , phone number and profile picture. Like you can also see the current call time.

The curious thing about this novelty is that the background is no longer black as it has always been, but it is decorated by the default WhatsApp wallpaper. In fact, the source indicates that it can be customized so that it even synchronizes with the background that we have assigned to the chat.

In other words, if we put a personalized wallpaper on a contact’s conversation , it would be used for the call. This version already appears in the beta, although as always, it will depend on whether it has been activated from the server, so not all users in it can test if they already have that new WhatsApp calling interface.

Another important detail is the waves that are generated automatically to better visualize that we are on a call and add that special point to the new experience.

A novelty for WhatsApp that comes with a new design for group chats so that everything is less crowded and the visual experience is clearer and more intuitive at first glance.


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