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WhatsApp Users Will Get Three Options To Send A Video

WhatsApp has started trying to solve another problem faced by the users.

WhatsApp provides modern services to more than two billion users around the world, but users had a problem that has not been addressed.

Users had the problem that when they sent a video to a friend, the result would change, meaning the graphics would be poor or the quality would be affected.

According to a report by WA Beta Info, an organization that monitors WhatsApp, WhatsApp has taken steps to address this concern of users.

According to a report by WA Beta, WhatsApp has started testing a new feature, under which the user will now see three options when sending a video, Auto, Best Quality and Data Saver options.

According to the WABbeta, the auto option will be central, working on the video format only.

The data saver option is perfect for people who want to save the internet and send videos to their friends.

The third best quality option would be to send high resolution videos, which can be sent from the mobile gallery via document format.

Note that WhatsApp has started testing this feature, this feature is currently available for users using the beta version.

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