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Will Virtual Influencers Be The Pioneers of Metaverse?

Forever young and without skeletons in the closet. The clean face and colorful look of the virtual influencers bewitched Generation Z in Asia and inevitably offered a glimpse into the metaverse . In a world that increasingly wants to blur the boundaries between the real and the non-real, the avatars created entirely by artificial intelligence represent a perfect spot for the ambitious program of Mark Zuckerberg, who imagines a virtual world in which we will be accompanied by our alter-egos made exclusively of pixels. 

The virtual influencer have become in recent years a considerable weight in January the Chinese Z, an army in the Land of the Dragon is equivalent to 16% of the total population. But the prospects for imposing itself on a large scale seem to be there: numbers in hand, the data giant Statista believes that the virtual influencer market could reach a value of 13.8 billion dollars in the period of 2021 alone. And in the opinion of experts of the sector, it will be the metaverse – and the growing interest of users in this particular theme – to definitively explain the wings of the avatars designed by the computer, whose number has already more than tripled in the last two years. They will, therefore, be the first inhabitants ofmetaverse ?

Virtual influencers, an especially Asian phenomenon

The appreciation of virtual influencers in Asia has several reasons. Apart from the attitude of Generation Z with the web and social media, the clean face of virtual creations has convinced companies above all, in a context unfortunately still dominated by the control of freedom of expression by some Asian nations. According to some comments by experts, the elimination of prejudices on the reputation of the brand constitutes an incentive for the spread of the practice of influencer marketing in Asia: there are no skeletons in the closet in the past of virtual stars, nor even taking a position on political arguments; rather there is a work ethic and total controllability.

The perfect example is represented by Bangkok Naughty Boo , the non-binary character created in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic by the stylist Adisak Kirasakkasem who is part of a real tribe of virtual influencers “Made in Thailand”. The flashy aesthetic dominated by neon hair and flawless skin goes hand in hand with the diffusion of social messages of a certain value on social networks: Naughty Boo wants to be an ambassador of a more open and inclusive society.


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