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Windows 11 First Glimpse Leaked Online

The first glimpse of Microsoft’s new Windows 11 operating system has been leaked online. Microsoft Windows 11 first glimpse released.

According to The Verge, Chinese website Baidu has released several screenshots of Windows 11 OS, which can be seen in many new changes.

Windows’s new generation operating system will have a new user interface, a start menu, and much more than Windows 10.

In fact, Windows 11’s user interface and start menu look similar to Microsoft’s proposed Windows 10X, which was scrapped.

The biggest change in Windows 11 is with the task, in which Microsoft has placed the app icons in the middle instead of the side, and there is also a new start button and menu.

The new Start menu doesn’t have live tiles, but Pind apps, recent files, and Windows 11 devices have options like quick shutdown or restart.

The company is doing a lot simpler in the new operating system than Windows 10.

If you do not want to place the Start Menu and App Icons in the Center, you can move them to the left while Dark Mode will be a part of this OS.

It is said that Microsoft is bringing back Windows widgets in the new operating system, the initial version of which has also been leaked.

Windows 11 is also adding new Snap controls that allow users to access the Maximize button for all apps.

According to the report, the new operating system will be able to be used on desktops / laptops as well as tablets and smartphones with equal convenience.

According to the report, Android apps will also be available in the new Windows, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft is launching an event to introduce Windows 11 on June 24 in which the initial version of the new OS will be released.

And after a while, Microsoft is also changing the startup sound of Windows.

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