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Windows 11 Hacked Before Its Release

Hackers have infected Microsoft’s next operating system ‘Windows 11’ before its release with various viruses.

Internet security firm Kaspersky has also issued a warning stating that there are Windows 11 installation files on various websites that provide the stolen software for free, which could lead to the installation of new Windows. It can also be used to upgrade existing Windows.

According to Kaspersky, all of these installation files are suspicious, but only one of them is a special file

86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe, which is 1.75 gigabytes in size, is infected with a variety of viruses (malware and adware).

As soon as this file, which looks like Windows 11, is installed, the user’s computer slows down and dozens of advertisements appear on the screen.

Not only that, but some versions of the fake Windows 11 even have spyware and ‘key loggers’ to spy on the user’s computer so that unknown hackers can even find out which buttons on your computer. And in what order to press.

Taking advantage of this information, a hacker can inflict irreparable damage on you by knowing almost everything from your email password to your bank account details.

Kaspersky has warned in a recent blog on its official website that users should never download Windows 11 from any unknown source, as only those who participate in Microsoft’s Windows Insider program will have Windows 11 tested. You can download and use it.

It should be noted that Microsoft has not yet announced a release date for Windows 11. However, reliable sources close to the world of information technology say that Windows 11 will be released for public use in the third week of October this year.

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