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Windows 11: How To Save PC Memory

Microsoft’s new operating system sometimes struggles with memory problems. As it turns out, RAM can be saved under Windows 11 with a simple trick. Only the taskbar has to be changed slightly. The trick is particularly worthwhile for devices with little RAM.

Windows 11 still doesn’t run quite as smoothly as users of the operating system would like. Some programs treat themselves to an unusually large amount of working memory, and the internal file explorer sometimes has an uncomfortably high load. Even if Microsoft has now tackled the worst problems, Windows 11 does not always handle the main memory efficiently. A little trick is enough to ensure more free RAM.

Windows 11: Free up memory via the taskbar

The developer Michael Niehaus noticed that the Windows 11 taskbar can be used to free up memory quite easily. Basically, nothing more needs to be done for this than to hide a few symbols. Windows 11 then no longer loads the corresponding services and more RAM is available for the really important tasks

Hiding the widget overview and the Microsoft Teams chat app is enough to save several hundred megabytes of memory in practice. The step can be worthwhile, especially for PCs and notebooks, which don’t have that much short-term memory available anyway. However, a new login or a restart are required, since this is how the autostart processes are reassembled.

More RAM for Windows 11 without teams and widgets

If you don’t use Microsoft Teams and the widgets anyway, you can simply hide the symbols without any disadvantage. Currently, the widget view of Windows 11 offers little added value, since only a few news are suggested and the current weather is displayed.


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