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Windows 11: Latest Update Pushes Control Panel Exit

Microsoft continues to work to simplify Windows 11 settings. In the latest operating system update, the Redmond Company removed network settings from the reputable control panel so that they could be integrated directly into the settings window.

Slowly, the bird builds its nest. Unveiling Windows 11 a few months ago, Microsoft promised to simplify its operating system settings. If all is not well with the release of Windows 11, then the American company will distill on the updates of their new OS, a small improvement in this direction.

The latest Windows 11 update offered to Insiders is no exception and takes another step towards simplifying settings, bringing Brave Control Panel even closer, which was once the nerve center of Windows, towards its grave. ۔

Microsoft has moved the menu from the control panel to uninstall updates so that they can be integrated directly into the settings within Windows Update, where an update history menu has been added. Additionally, links to programs and features that used to be an integral part of the Control Panel now open directly on the Settings> Applications> Installed Applications page. In addition, new, sophisticated network settings have been moved. They also leave the control panel to integrate the settings application directly.

Simplifying settings, a ten year old story

Unfortunately, simplifying Windows settings is a long process for Microsoft. Since the release of Windows 8 in 2012, the American company has tried to break away from the control panel and introduce a free settings application. However, for Windows to function properly and for some elements inherited from older versions of the OS, Microsoft was forced to have a control panel. For years, users have been forced to adapt the OS and the Settings app to customize the OS to suit their needs. With the advent of Windows 10, improvements were made, but the control panel was still needed to access certain operating system settings.

With Windows 11, Microsoft has promised to “constantly try to move the control panel settings to the Settings app.” Fingers crossed that the team in charge of Windows 11 development should reach its goal … before the release of Windows 12.


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